Symposium Objectives and Proposed topics

By following "The 1st IAA North East Asia Symposium on Small Satellites - Serving the Needs for the Benefits of the Region" held in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia on August 21-23, 2017, objectives of this 2nd Symposium are continue to provide a forum for scientists, engineers, managers and students, to exchange information about small/nano satellites. Topics will cover the technological state of the art and the planned and on-going programs and missions. It will have a worldwide vision, but focused on the needs and developments of Asia Region, and it is open to a general view but with emphasis on advanced technologies and distributed platforms and payloads, the earth observation data application and education. In order to expand the scope and to encourage students from universities wordwide to participate, the competition on successfully launched in-flight satellites developed by university students is included. Proposed topics are listed (but are not limited to) as follows:
(1) Small Earth observation satellites worldwide: achievements and trends;
(2) Small Earth observation satellites in Asia region: achievements and trends;?
(3) Ongoing and projected small Earth observation satellite projects with Asian region participation;
(4) Segmented architecture and distributed instruments;
(5) Small Earth observation satellite technologies;
(6) Navigation, guidance, control and dynamics for small Earth observation satellites;?
(7) Small satellite constellations and formation flying projects for Earth observation, mission design and optimization;
(8) Space debris remove using small satellites;
(9) Applications of the small Earth observation satellite data and its results;
(10)Regulatory and policy issues;
(11)Human and environmental security issues;
Submission Paper